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ddbtrue  The world cup blew today. Tomorrow is on Sheez...   long ago
sh33lz3bub  @TBC we tried to balance adding new earning opptys like weekly trophies in the new model.. and account for the rate of adding new games etc. In theory its supposed to give you MORE buying power if you play everything.. you're not seeing that?   long ago
TheBongCollector  So the only time will get points on bux is when somebody level up? It's harder to earn it nowadays.   long ago
sh33lz3bub  as we add games and more players the prices will probably go up a bit -- but the chances to earn will go up faster..   long ago
sh33lz3bub  OK, updated the prices in the store to reflect pre-bux ratios.. ur buying power should be the same or better now..   long ago
TheBongCollector  Yeah may be you can give me and James a leeway on this issue Shelby.   long ago
Gamer_Jams_On  I also was at the 5000 bp before the conversion to bux, actually would have cashed in at 2500 bp however the 5$ gift card was no longer available. Its okay though I still enjoy playing but was just disappointed in the timing of it all, as soon as i reached 5000 bp it changed to bux :(   long ago
TheBongCollector  It's the game I'm enjoyin Shelby. Anything else is just a bonus. I just raised that up and nothing more. (y)   long ago
sh33lz3bub  @TBC ok, gonna run some reports and reset the prices in the store to "pre-bux" pricing.. as we add games and more ppl tho the prices will prob adjust a bit tho..   long ago
TheBongCollector  Before the bux came in. I can purchase 1 5$ and 1 10$. Now I can't even buy a 5$ rewrd. I was waiting for my BP's to reach 12500 then. So I can directly get the 15$. :(    long ago
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